Hussein Ahmed interview (@KustomNote)

Hussein Ahmed interview (@KustomNote)


On episode #028 I presented you an interview of the 2012 Evernote DevCup Gold medal winner, in this episode you are going to listen to Hussein who won the Silver medal for his very cool web products called KustomNote.

KustomNote basically gives you the ability to create notes from templates. You have the choice of plenty of existing templates or you can create your own.

KustomNote is accessible online only at the moment through a web interface but Hussein said in the interview that he intends to add more interfaces and features in the near future.

Kudos to Hussein for developing such a cool FREE service.

Here’s how to use the service.

1 – You choose a template (or create one)

2 – You create the note by filling the fields of the template

There’s no step 3. You’re done ! The note is created in your Evernote account.

For your information, the other winners of the DevCup were:

  • Gold medal : EverClip, see episode #028 for the interview
  • Bronze medal : EV, see episode #032 for the interview

Until the next time happy evernoting !



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