Eric’s feedback on his many uses of @Evernote


I am pleased to present you with a listener feedback, Eric (aka @esausse2), who shares with us his many uses of Evernote.

Before Eric’s feedback I do a sort summary of the Paris Evernote meetup we had last week. It was a great meeting with around 10 passionate users of Evernote. We shared use cases and tips&tricks from 7pm until 10pm, it was great fun. Hopefully we will have another meetup soon with a more structured approach while keeping the open and friendly atmosphere. Stay tuned!

Regarding Eric’s question on how to use tags and notebooks to organize your notes, check episode #003 of the show where I shared some ideas of that subject.

Until the next time, happy evernoting!



  1. Most gtd suggestions envision a small number of projects. for a small number of projects, the use of Evernote taging with the project name s most likely works well. But when one has a large number of descrete projects..say 25 or so at a time and perhaps up to 200 a year, tags simply become unworkable. I am using mr. Gold’s idea of a parent note and then creating an Indvidual note foe each task just using the title line with the project name and the task. The only tags on the individual task are the 1-6 urgency tags. Then when a task is done, I cut and paste and time stamp into the parent note. Very much like your podcast . Please keep podcasting!!!

    • Bill,
      Thanks for your feedback.


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