Audio feedback on GTD from John

Audio feedback on GTD from John


For the first time on the Channel, an audio feedback from a listener!

John sent me this feedback GTD in Evernote and it’s the perfect follow-up episode to number #015 where you heard Daniel Gold interview about his book on the same subject.


John mentions a link in his feedback which is not working anymore as he moved all his content to Google+, here are the correct links:

Setting up Evernote as Your GTD Dashboard

Paper & Evernote

It’s All Been Tagged

Thanks a ton Jon.

Hopefully others listeners will record an audio feedback to share their experience, a trick or just ask a question.

No need to have a fancy microphone and computer, all the smartphones (and even some dumbphones too!) have an internal application to record your voice and mail the result. Do that and mail your recordings at

Until the next time, happy evernoting.



    • Bjorn,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I have tweeted and facebooked your excellent and very interesting blog post.
      If you feel like recording an audio feedback about it, please do send me an mp3 file.

  1. I’m a big fan of GTD, and premium Evernote user. I just now had a chance to browse

    This posting looks to be very helpful for me, sadly, the links to Google Plus don’t work. G Plus says maybe I don’t have permission…

    Any ideas how I can view that content?

    • Hello,
      Unfortunately it seems that Jon has either deleted or moved the content he had posted at the time on Google+. Sorry.

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