@Evernote vs @Dropbox: why choose?

@Evernote vs @Dropbox: why choose?


Very often I see people on Twitter asking if they should use Evernote or Dropbox which is a weird question for me as I think they really complement each other really well. Let me explain.

  • Dropbox is great to store documents and to have them available anywhere as well as having many people accessing them. It’s your hardrive in the cloud.
  • Evernote is great at storing and sharing information you can access from anywhere with very powerful tools to search this information (via notebooks, tagging or using the internal search engine). Evernote is your memory in the cloud.

Dropbox stores documents when Evernote stores information. They complement each other very well

Practical examples:

  • To store all your business cards pictures, Evernote is going to shine because of its OCR feature.
  • To store a big 150Mb Powerpoint file and access it and share with other people, Dropbox is your best option.

Remember that a note in Evernote is 50Mb max when Premium (25 Mb when Free).

So why choose! Use both at what they are best.

Until the next time, happy evernoting!


Joseph Tame interview (@tamegoeswild)

Joseph Tame interview (@tamegoeswild)


Here is another interview done at LeWeb, an Internet conference which took place in Paris from the 7th to the 9th of December 2011. I had the pleasure to meet with Joseph Tame (@tamegoeswild – josephta.me) who was a speaker at the conference and who will share the use he has for Evernote in all his crazy adventures around running.

If you are a geek and into Apple stuff, you probably saw the image below when Steve Jobs died in 2011, Joseph did that.

Here is the YouTube video recording of Joseph keynote during LeWeb, it’s really worth watching:

As a marathon runner and über-geek myself it was very cool for me to chat with Joseph.

Until the next time, happy evernoting,


1000 and one use cases for @Evernote

Here’s a master list of all the use cases I have for Evernote in my everyday life.

Last update: 27/08/12

Job hunt (see episode #007)

  • Log of all actions: calls, e-mail, meetings, etc …
  • Storage of the most interesting ads
  • Information about the company I meet
  • My CV in Word
  • My cover letters
  • Debrief on the spot recorded in audio with the iPhone as soon as I get out of an interview
  • Pic of the notes taken during a call, I make a picture and then tagged in Evernote
  • Business cards photo indexed via OCR so they become searchable
  • Storage of important e-mails for future reference

Production of podcast and blogging

  • Blog post prepared in Evernote and copy/pasted when ready to be published
  • Shownotes for the podcasts I produce
  • All information: log of contacts, interview questions, etc …
  • Atists bios or articles found during the preparation of the interviews
  • Episodes in MP3 format when less than 50Mb, for archiving purpose
  • Archiving of the raw audio files of the interviews

Information for reference (GTD reference material)

  • Photo of restaurant where you go: facade, menu, dish. My personal Gault Millault!
  • Photo of wine bottle labels I have the opportunity to drink with comment. Identifies good quality / price ratio.
  • Archives of old personal web pages
  • Testing various materials found on the Net: guitars, effects, running shoes, gadgets, etc …
  • e-mail to keep
  • How-Tos
  • PDF manuals (eg, cameras, gadgets, etc …)
  • The pictures of the covers of books I read with comments
  • The pictures of movie posters that I saw with commentary
  • The pictures of posters of shows I’ve seen with commentary
  • The photos of the posters I saw exhibitions with comment

Digital Memory

  • Selected photos taken with iPhone to keep these little moments of life.
  • Short video shot with iPhone (eg a child who sings a song)
  • Automatic backup of all my Instagram pics using an IFTTT recipe (see episode #004)
  • Creating a written note for all the “funny words” from my kids (they love to review them once in a while)
  • Audio or video recording of children’s song of my kids

Information related to the music and the guitar

  • Guitar tabs found on the Net
  • Chords grids
  • Short videos recorded during the guitar course I have with a teacher
  • Storage of classified ads for used guitar interesting reference prices, specs, etc …

Information related to running

  • The courses of the marathons I ran or intend to run
  • Documents enrollment in races
  • Official timing web pages backup
  • Pre-race check-list
  • Up to date medical certificate

Administrative documents

  • Travel documents
  • Bills of online purchases
  • Photo ID, family book, medical certificate, etc …
  • Photos of the opening hours of shops around my house
  • Storage via photo or PDF electronic document administration: iPhone phone bill, etc …
  • Warranties


  • Photo pages of cookbooks or article
  • Photo of final dish
  • Note possible to complete the recipe: change, change of ingredient, appreciation, etc …

Work related stuff

  • E-mail reference
  • Reference information (intranet site, login information, etc.).
  • Document management (assessments, etc.).
  • Reference documents (PowerPoint presentation)
  • Notes taken during a conference
  • Note taking during meetings to keep track of what is said and decided

House hunt

  • Storage of classified ads
  • Various documents required for getting the loan
  • Official documents
  • Ikea kitchen pictures for reference
  • Photos of furniture with size and price info
  • Plans
  • Quote of the artisans
  • Invoices

Twitter archive

  • Backup of all my tweets with IFTTT (see episode #004) for all the Twitter accounts I manage
  • Use of the Evernote desktop app internal search engine to find a previous tweet (works way faster than the Twitter search engine)