Why use @evernote


Why use Evernote when I already have a computer with all my information? Here are some answers for you :

  • to store all your documents in one place
  • to be able to access your documents and data from anywhere. From any computer on the Internet from home as well as from work, from your smartphone, from several computers Mac or PC.
  • to search through your documents easily
  • to have your scanned or photographed document searchable thanks to OCR
  • to have multiple backups of your precious data (on your computers, on Evernote servers, on your phone)
  • to share information with people with shared notebooks

What about you ? Why do you use Evernote ? Please comment here or, even better, send me a short audio feedback (you smartphone is the perfect tool to record and mail something!).

Until then, happy evernoting !


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