Peter Jensen (@Moleskine head of Digital) interview

Peter Jensen (@Moleskine head of Digital) interview

As I have been a longtime fan of the Moleskine notebooks, when Evernote announced the deal with Moleskine back in August 2012 I was delighted.

So I am very happy to present you with an interview I did with Peter Jensen Hobolt who is the Head of Digital at Moleskine based out of Milan in Italy.

He tells us everything about the Evernote/Moleskine deal, how it became a reality and what comes next. I am sure you will be surprised as I was about the backstory on this collaboration with the green elephant company.


For more information you can go to and

You can also listen to my review on the Smart Notebooks in episode #31.

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@Evernote powered @Moleskine test

@Evernote powered @Moleskine test


I received  two weeks ago the Evernote Moleskines I bought online (pics are here). Now is the time I share with you the results of the test I did with those notebooks.
Let’s review first the Evernote Moleskine  features :
  • Custom designed cover
  • Smart stickers allowing tagging and notebook filing at the scanning stage (settings done in the Evernote mobile app to customize each stickers).
  • Exists in 2 sizes 13x21cm (5″ x 8,25″) and 9x14cm (3,5″ x 5,5″)
  • Each notebook include a 3 month Premium code
  • Special line to improve scanning and OCR
The iPhone app settings for the smart stickers:

The test

  • On 2 notebooks (1 Evernote, 1 normal) I wrote as much as possible the very same text with a dummy drawing
  • Test 1 : scan of the Evernote Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held parallel to the page
  • Test 2 : scan of the Evernote Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held with an angle to the page
  • Test 3 : scan of the standard Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held parallel to the page
  • Test 4 : scan of the standard Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held with an angle to the page
Page from an Evernote Moleskine used in tests 1 and 2:
Page from an standard Moleskine used in tests 3 and 4:


  • In all instances the smart stickers worked perfectly. The tags were applied and the notes were put in the designated notebook (settings can be changed in the Evernote mobile app).
  • No notable difference in the OCR performance between the Evernote powered Moleskine and the standard one.
Search of the key word “bonjour” :
Search of the key word  “bidule” :
Search of the key word  “petit” :
Search of the key word  “feedback” :


The good
  • The gorgeous cover
  • The smart tickets work perfectly
  • Can be an excellent conversation starter in a meeting to introduce Evernote around you
The bad
  • Not really convinced that the special lines are actually helping the OCR (see my simple test)
  • Might be seen as a little too expensive compared to a standard Moleskine if you don’t take into account the 3 month access to the Evernote Premium service
Overall, as a long time Moleskine user and big fan of Evernote, I am very happy about the Evernote Moleskine I bought.
Nevertheless I have no use at the moment for the 3 month Premium access code as I am already a yearly Premium. I might use the code at the end of my subscription though. The smart stickers feature works great but is it really faster to put a sticker in your note than to tag your note after the scan in the Evernote app ? Not sure. I hope Evernote will include more integration between Moleskine and Evernote.
My recommendations
  • If you are Evernote AND Moleskine fan, you HAVE to get an Evernote powered Moleskine
  • If you are only an Evernote users without already using a Moleskine or another paper notebook, you don’t need this as the added smart features are not that worth it alone in my humble opinion.
  • If you want to introduce Evernote to someone around you, this could be the perfect Christmas gift
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PS: thank you Eric for your feedback on the Evernote Moleskine.
The @Evernote powered Moleskines are here !

The @Evernote powered Moleskines are here !


Here are the Evernote powered Moleskines (after a couple of phone calls to the Fedex customer service…).

The box :

The big and small models side by side (note that the small is really…small, it fits easily in a jean pocket):

The big one with the stickers:

The small one with the stickers:

The  stickers (6 different sort) and the arrows in magenta:

The gorgeous cover:

To give you an idea of the size, here’s the small model with my Faber Castell pencil:

To give you an idea of the size, here’s the big model with my Faber Castell pencil:

Here you go, next step is to use those nice Moleskines and test the method to scan the content using the mobile app in conjunction with the smart stickers.

You can read and listen to my review in episode #031.


@Evernote Trunk Conference wrap-up

@Evernote Trunk Conference wrap-up


Here’s my Evernote Trunk Conference wrap-up which took place in San Francisco on August 24th 2012.

Moleskine/Evernote partnership 

  • Very nice cover based on the photos I saw
  • Optimized paper
  • Physical tags automatically linked to your Evernote tags when you take a picture (the config is done via the mobile app)
  • Works in conjunction with the Page Camera Option included in the latest 4.4 iOS Evernote app
  • 3 month Premium subscription for each Moleskine
  • Evernote blog post on this:

Evernote Business


DevCup (

For a very good read on ETC  you can also read the excellent blog post from Brooks Duncan (aka @documentsnap) interviewed in last episode TEC #025.

If you are in the Paris area, please note that the next Paris Evernote Meetup will take place on Thursday 13/09/12 at 6.30pm
at La Pépinière 27 (27 rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris, France)

Infos and registration:

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