Peter Jensen (@Moleskine head of Digital) interview

As I have been a longtime fan of the Moleskine notebooks, when Evernote announced the deal with Moleskine back in August 2012 I was delighted. So I am very happy to present you with an interview I did with Peter Jensen Hobolt who is the Head of Digital at Moleskine based out of Milan in […]

BitQwik presented by Robert, its developer

Hello, Robert Oschler, developer of BitQwik, presents in this episode what can be done with his great free Windows tool to do powerful search easily on your Evernote account. Yes you can do similar search using the syntax provided by Evernote but it can be difficult to master so having a tool like BitQwik might […]

Phil Libin (@plibin) interview at @Leweb 2012

For the 3rd time I had the opportunity to interview Phil Libin (CEO for Evernote) during the Leweb conference in Paris. This time though I did it in video so I am able to present you with sounds and images ! You can view the full video on YouTube below. You can also get the audio […]

Interesting Phil Libin video interviews from Leweb 2012

In the next episode of the Channel I will release the video interview I did with Phil at Leweb. In the meantime here’re some videos worth watching. The talk between Loïc Lemeur and Phil on the big stage : An interesting interview from Frenchweb : [LeWeb’12] Phil Libin, Evernote par frenchweb 3 questions to Phil […]

04/12/12 – Evernote workshop verbatim notes – Leweb 2012

Speakers : John McGeachie (VP Sales) and Phil Libin (CEO) Notes “The design is the most important thing” No design responsible in the board but Phil is the only employee More formal product for education to come Pilote school in Spain using Evernote Security : 2 factor authentication to come Finer granularity in the API […]

@Rafe Needleman interview

Hello, Rafe Needleman (aka @rafe on Twitter) is a famous tech blogger who recently joined Evernote to be their Platform Advocate. In this episode he shares the details of his mission and how and why he joined the green elephant company. Don’t miss Rafe’s Opportunity Notes at Since we recorded the interview, his show is now […]