How I spent 1 hour with Phil Libin at Leweb

How I spent 1 hour with Phil Libin at Leweb

For the past 3 years I was able to get a time slot to interview Phil Libin, Evernote’s CEO, during Leweb, a huge conference which takes place in Paris, France every December.

The past interviews I did with Phil are in those episodes 34 (in video), 11 and here (in audio).


This year though, it seems that Phil’s schedule did not permit to do an interview for the show. Last year Phil did around 45 interviews at Leweb so I can understand the need to cut back a little.

But on Tuesday evening I received a DM from Phil on my personal Twitter account (yes I am honored to be followed by him) where he asked me if I wanted to meet him for a drink in Paris that evening. You can bet I said yes!

I know that Phil is very involved in the startup scene, he also participates in the Founder Institute which I went through for the Spring semester in Paris. So it’s not such a surprise to see him take some time like that. But still, I found it incredibly cool.

I met him at his hotel. It was awesome to be able to talk to such a high caliber entrepreneur for close to an hour. He arrived after midnight but he insisted we took some time to discuss. I was thrilled.

We talked about Evernote of course, about my current full time project with The Guitar Channel and about plenty of others matters.

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Here’s a pic of a very happy me with Phil just before I left him around 2:00am:


Thanks a ton Phil for being so cool with me and so generous with your time and advice. You rock big time.

Here’s the YouTube video of Phil’s talk with Loïc Le Meur during Leweb:


04/12/12 – Evernote workshop verbatim notes – Leweb 2012

04/12/12 – Evernote workshop verbatim notes – Leweb 2012

Speakers : John McGeachie (VP Sales) and Phil Libin (CEO)


  • “The design is the most important thing”
  • No design responsible in the board but Phil is the only employee
  • More formal product for education to come
  • Pilote school in Spain using Evernote
  • Security : 2 factor authentication to come
  • Finer granularity in the API to control rights given to third party application
  • 77% 1st experience of Evernote is done on mobile
  • We try to be featured on every platform so we get free ads this way
  • Business API:
    • Ways to determine which type of account you have
    • API for relative notes
    • Business specific API to allow application to view all the notes of the company
  • Average upload capacity : growing
  • 4 Gb / month when Evernote Business 2Gb for the user +2Gb for the company
  • “No tricks philosophy”
  • “We don’t want to be a disk drive in the cloud”
  • No real-time editing down the road because it is usually a bad experience for users. Plus Gdocs does that really well.
  • Indexing of Office docs coming soon
  • Some things are coming with the Google API because many people at Evernote uses Google tools
  • Prediction : “In 3 years, I will have glasses with info in there”.
  • Evernote Business is launched in 7 countries today
  • Product demo
    • Admin console
    • Managed notebooks
    • No group right management to allow access to specific notebooks
  • Hundreds of thousands of Smart Notebooks sold : big success
  • Some people are using future dates to have the note at the top internally at Evernote. This will be fixed by providing a way to flag a note.
  • Due dates are coming ! First quarter 2013.
  • Full windows redesign will be launched next year


Paris Evernote Meetup – December 13th 7:00pm at La Pépinière 27

Paris Evernote Meetup – December 13th 7:00pm at La Pépinière 27


I am happy to announce a new date for the 6th Paris Evernote Meetup I am organizing.

When: December 13th 7:00pm

Where: La Pépinière 27 – 27 rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris – Métros Bastille ou Bréguet-Sabin.

Infos and free registration on

Thursday December 13th 7:00pm – 9:00pm

27 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris

Whether your are a veteran evernoter, a beginner or just intrigued and interested by the tool, those meetups are for you.

Bring your questions and share your experience.

Tentative agenda:

  • Introduction (Pierre @pjournel)
  • Round table presentation (everybody)
  • Introduction to Evernote 5 for Mac and iOS
  • Evernote Moleskine review (Pierre @pjournel)
  • Skitch presentation (François @fdruel)
  • SmartPen Livescribe demo (Didier @didtwit)
  • Questions/answers/discussion (all)

Looking forward to see you there.


The @Evernote powered Moleskines are here !

The @Evernote powered Moleskines are here !


Here are the Evernote powered Moleskines (after a couple of phone calls to the Fedex customer service…).

The box :

The big and small models side by side (note that the small is really…small, it fits easily in a jean pocket):

The big one with the stickers:

The small one with the stickers:

The  stickers (6 different sort) and the arrows in magenta:

The gorgeous cover:

To give you an idea of the size, here’s the small model with my Faber Castell pencil:

To give you an idea of the size, here’s the big model with my Faber Castell pencil:

Here you go, next step is to use those nice Moleskines and test the method to scan the content using the mobile app in conjunction with the smart stickers.

You can read and listen to my review in episode #031.


Twitter broke IFTTT, do you still want to archive your tweets to Evernote ?

Twitter broke IFTTT, do you still want to archive your tweets to Evernote ?

Recently Twitter changed its policy meaning the triggers in place in IFTTT will no longer works on September 27th. It’s a pain but one cannot really blame Twitter to try to regain control over their ecosystem (but that’s another matter).

Here’s a cool workaround to archive your tweets to Evernote. I discovered it through a tweet from Jamie Todd Rubin (aka @jamietr).

You can follow the easy 6 step method by reading his blog post.

Or you can use this IFTTT recipe and modify it with the Twitter account you need.

For more information on all the great stuff you can automate with IFTTT, see episode TEC #004 – IFTTT and Evernote.

I have implemented his method and it works great, thanks Jamie. This method which uses RSS should work until March 2013, that’s still better than nothing (thanks @cybermarmotte for the info).

Until the next time, happy evernoting !


Update 25/09/12

Another solution to archive your tweets to Evernote: twtr2src

Thanks Joseph aka @tamegoeswild for the info.

Update 16/10/12

Just received an e-mail from IFTTT saying the recipe I used with the RSS method is no longer working.

So we’ll have to find something else to archive tweets.

Thanks Joseph aka @tamegoeswild for the info.

Update 02/12/12

 Another option is Twieve ( discovered on this tweet from Mark Kawasaki.

Update 28/08/13

It’s now possible again to use Twitter within IFTTT as a trigger (for example, archive all your tweets or just the one with a specific hashtag, etc.). Woohoo!