@GregLefort, CEO for @Azendoo, presents their latest news

@GregLefort, CEO for @Azendoo, presents their latest news

There are plenty of news at Azendoo so as its CEO lives right next door to me in Paris I thought it was appropriate to meet for coffee and do an interview to have him tell us the inside story.


The biggest update Azendoo has just added is a cool two way synchonization for to do list between Evernote and Azendo. Read all the info on their blog post: http://blog.azendoo.com/#!/en/product/evernote-checkboxes-azendoo-tasks

Until the next time, happy evernoting!


How to use offline notebooks

How to use offline notebooks

Premium feature : store notebooks offline on your mobile device

You setup the offline notebook feature on your mobile device :



My use of the offline notebook feature

  • I don’t synchronize all my notebooks because that would be too big on my iPhone
  • I created a dedicated notebook called “Offline” (yeah, I know, not very original)
  • I move to this notebook all the notes I want to have access to when offline


  • Train or plane ticket in PDF
  • Travel documents (hotel reservations, maps, etc.)
  • Notes I need to be sure I have access to such as a questions list for an interview where I need to put my phone in airplane mode

If you have other uses of the offline notebook feature, please share them in the comments or e-mail me an audio comment.

if you are in the Paris, France area don’t miss the 1st Paris Evernote Meetup of 2014 on January 29th.

Until the next episode, happy evernoting!


How I spent 1 hour with Phil Libin at Leweb

How I spent 1 hour with Phil Libin at Leweb

For the past 3 years I was able to get a time slot to interview Phil Libin, Evernote’s CEO, during Leweb, a huge conference which takes place in Paris, France every December.

The past interviews I did with Phil are in those episodes 34 (in video), 11 and here (in audio).


This year though, it seems that Phil’s schedule did not permit to do an interview for the show. Last year Phil did around 45 interviews at Leweb so I can understand the need to cut back a little.

But on Tuesday evening I received a DM from Phil on my personal Twitter account (yes I am honored to be followed by him) where he asked me if I wanted to meet him for a drink in Paris that evening. You can bet I said yes!

I know that Phil is very involved in the startup scene, he also participates in the Founder Institute which I went through for the Spring semester in Paris. So it’s not such a surprise to see him take some time like that. But still, I found it incredibly cool.

I met him at his hotel. It was awesome to be able to talk to such a high caliber entrepreneur for close to an hour. He arrived after midnight but he insisted we took some time to discuss. I was thrilled.

We talked about Evernote of course, about my current full time project with The Guitar Channel and about plenty of others matters.

LogoTGCtaglinefondBlanc 600

Here’s a pic of a very happy me with Phil just before I left him around 2:00am:


Thanks a ton Phil for being so cool with me and so generous with your time and advice. You rock big time.

Here’s the YouTube video of Phil’s talk with Loïc Le Meur during Leweb:


Dmitry Gorsgkov interview (@PowerbotApps)

Dmitry Gorsgkov interview (@PowerbotApps)

Here’s an interview I did with Dmitry Gorsgkov who is working for PowerbotaApps. He tells you all about the great extensions they are developping to connect Gmail, Gcal, Salesforce and many more to your Evernote account.

Basically the Gmail extension from PowerbotApps makes it really easy to send one of your mail to your Evernote account. You can even file it to a specific notebook and tag it.





Fujitsu @Scansnap s1300i review

Fujitsu @Scansnap s1300i review

Here’s my review of the Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300i.



  • Installation ScanSnap Manager (441 Mo to download, 775 Mo once installed on MacOSX)
  • Connexion with a USB/Mini-USB cable
  • Power supply with the wall wart supply provided or with a second USB cable


  • Open the scanner and press the blue button !
  • Select on the computer the scan destination
  • Two options for Evernote, PDF or JPG

Sélection destination du scan

Scan tests

  • Printed paper to PDF
  • Printed paper to JPG
  • JPG option is the output option I would recommend for Evernote so you can have the OCR running on it unless you need to have the document in PDF format.
  • You can also scan a picture even though it’s not the primary purpose of this model. It’s still a solution if you want to make a quick digital copy of a print.

Scan en cours

Paramètres Petit Fichier

Paramètres haute qualité pour scan photo


  • Very easy to use scanner
  • Fast to plug and use
  • Good integration with Evernote
  • Price 280€ or US$ on the Internet
  • Only small regret : I wish the s1300i would require only 1 USB cable to be powered and connected to a computer to reduce clutter on the desktop when used.