Fujitsu @Scansnap s1300i review

Fujitsu @Scansnap s1300i review

Here’s my review of the Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300i.



  • Installation ScanSnap Manager (441 Mo to download, 775 Mo once installed on MacOSX)
  • Connexion with a USB/Mini-USB cable
  • Power supply with the wall wart supply provided or with a second USB cable


  • Open the scanner and press the blue button !
  • Select on the computer the scan destination
  • Two options for Evernote, PDF or JPG

Sélection destination du scan

Scan tests

  • Printed paper to PDF
  • Printed paper to JPG
  • JPG option is the output option I would recommend for Evernote so you can have the OCR running on it unless you need to have the document in PDF format.
  • You can also scan a picture even though it’s not the primary purpose of this model. It’s still a solution if you want to make a quick digital copy of a print.

Scan en cours

Paramètres Petit Fichier

Paramètres haute qualité pour scan photo


  • Very easy to use scanner
  • Fast to plug and use
  • Good integration with Evernote
  • Price 280€ or US$ on the Internet
  • Only small regret : I wish the s1300i would require only 1 USB cable to be powered and connected to a computer to reduce clutter on the desktop when used.

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