Grégory Lefort interview (Azendoo’s CEO) – @greglefort

Grégory Lefort interview (Azendoo’s CEO) – @greglefort


I had the pleasure of having lunch last week with Grégory Lefort (aka @greglefort), Azendoo‘s CEO, we had a very rich exchange around the collaboration tool that his company offers and its integration with Evernote.

Note that Azendoo is a company that has caught the eye of Evernote during Leweb back in December 2012 which enabled them to be featured on the Trunk very rapidly.


If you are looking for a solution for managing tasks collaboratively, I can only encourage you to go check Azendoo which offer very interesting as a web application and mobile. The service is free up to 5 users.

Until the next episode, happy evernoting!


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  1. Very interesting conversation. I started to try out Azendoo a few days ago – I’m currently using Astrid and was moving to Wunderlist 2 for general to-do reminders, but will gladly dump both for a good connection with my Evernote account. First impression was that this is a ‘big company’ app designed for collaborating between large teams. A comment elsewhere to that effect was picked up elsewhere though, and I’ve now had a bunch of links to ‘getting started’ material which I hope will give me the dummy’s guide that I clearly need. Most important point I think at this stage – if you’re trying Azendoo out, don’t dive in too quickly – take the time to find and read the manual first! The interface is very simple and extremely smooth and I hope that I can integrate it into my processes soon.


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