BitQwik presented by Robert, its developer

BitQwik presented by Robert, its developer


Robert Oschler, developer of BitQwik, presents in this episode what can be done with his great free Windows tool to do powerful search easily on your Evernote account.

Yes you can do similar search using the syntax provided by Evernote but it can be difficult to master so having a tool like BitQwik might just be the solution.

bitqwik-enter-query bitqwik-search-results-preview-2a


As Robert says himself on his website : “Unlock the power of Evernote’s rich set of search operators for finding notes with BitQwik!  You can filter search results by the date created or modified, by file type such as PDF files and more, by the tags used or the source application that created the note, and many, many, other useful ways.”

Until the next time, happy evernoting,