Phil Libin (@plibin) interview at @Leweb 2012

Phil Libin (@plibin) interview at @Leweb 2012

For the 3rd time I had the opportunity to interview Phil Libin (CEO for Evernote) during the Leweb conference in Paris. This time though I did it in video so I am able to present you with sounds and images !

You can view the full video on YouTube below.

You can also get the audio file to listen to it on your mobile device or computer by subscribing to the RSS feed or via the iTunes link to the show.

Subjects covered during the interview :

  • The launch of Evernote Business (in 7 countries as of December 2012)
  • New features coming up in Q1 2013
  • Mobile strategy
  • And last but not least, the Evernote Socks !
During Leweb, Evernote also held a workshop which was in fact some kind of Press conference open to anyone to ask questions to Phil and to John McGeachie (VP Sales). I published my verbatim notes from that workshop in that blog post.
For your information, the 2011audio interview of Phil is available in episode #011 and the 2010 interview is in this blog post.

Until the next time, happy evernoting !



  1. Another great interview Pierre! Excellent questions especially about Evernote Business and Evernote in schools. Thanks for getting confirmationo on the Due Date/TODOs issue too.

    — Robert

    • You’re welcome Robert. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

      Can’t wait to see the new stuff they have in store for us !




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