@Evernote powered @Moleskine test

@Evernote powered @Moleskine test


I received  two weeks ago the Evernote Moleskines I bought online (pics are here). Now is the time I share with you the results of the test I did with those notebooks.
Let’s review first the Evernote Moleskine  features :
  • Custom designed cover
  • Smart stickers allowing tagging and notebook filing at the scanning stage (settings done in the Evernote mobile app to customize each stickers).
  • Exists in 2 sizes 13x21cm (5″ x 8,25″) and 9x14cm (3,5″ x 5,5″)
  • Each notebook include a 3 month Premium code
  • Special line to improve scanning and OCR
The iPhone app settings for the smart stickers:

The test

  • On 2 notebooks (1 Evernote, 1 normal) I wrote as much as possible the very same text with a dummy drawing
  • Test 1 : scan of the Evernote Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held parallel to the page
  • Test 2 : scan of the Evernote Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held with an angle to the page
  • Test 3 : scan of the standard Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held parallel to the page
  • Test 4 : scan of the standard Moleskine with the iPhone Evernote app with the phone held with an angle to the page
Page from an Evernote Moleskine used in tests 1 and 2:
Page from an standard Moleskine used in tests 3 and 4:


  • In all instances the smart stickers worked perfectly. The tags were applied and the notes were put in the designated notebook (settings can be changed in the Evernote mobile app).
  • No notable difference in the OCR performance between the Evernote powered Moleskine and the standard one.
Search of the key word “bonjour” :
Search of the key word  “bidule” :
Search of the key word  “petit” :
Search of the key word  “feedback” :


The good
  • The gorgeous cover
  • The smart tickets work perfectly
  • Can be an excellent conversation starter in a meeting to introduce Evernote around you
The bad
  • Not really convinced that the special lines are actually helping the OCR (see my simple test)
  • Might be seen as a little too expensive compared to a standard Moleskine if you don’t take into account the 3 month access to the Evernote Premium service
Overall, as a long time Moleskine user and big fan of Evernote, I am very happy about the Evernote Moleskine I bought.
Nevertheless I have no use at the moment for the 3 month Premium access code as I am already a yearly Premium. I might use the code at the end of my subscription though. The smart stickers feature works great but is it really faster to put a sticker in your note than to tag your note after the scan in the Evernote app ? Not sure. I hope Evernote will include more integration between Moleskine and Evernote.
My recommendations
  • If you are Evernote AND Moleskine fan, you HAVE to get an Evernote powered Moleskine
  • If you are only an Evernote users without already using a Moleskine or another paper notebook, you don’t need this as the added smart features are not that worth it alone in my humble opinion.
  • If you want to introduce Evernote to someone around you, this could be the perfect Christmas gift
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Until the next time happy evernoting!
PS: thank you Eric for your feedback on the Evernote Moleskine.


  1. Hey just an FYI – you have a typo near the end of the blog entry, where it reads ‘please share YOU thoughts’ – should be *your* thoughts. And should probably also say ‘thoughts and concerns’.

    Otherwise excellent info and contrnt.

  2. And how about THAT for irony – my comment had a typo! Should have said ‘content’ there in that last sentence…

    • Hello Neil,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Typo corrected.



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