Use case: how to teach music with @Evernote

Use case: how to teach music with @Evernote

I am super happy to present you with a use case coming from a music teacher, David Birrow, who uses Evernote to teach his students at MacPhail Center for Music.

As some of you might know I also produce another podcast called The Guitar Channel ( because of my passion for the instrument. I interview in that show super stars ranging from Steve Vaï to Nuno Bettencourt via Matthias Jabs, Paul Gilbert and many others. I also do some audio and video gear review.


That’s why I was very pleased to received David audio feedback because of the connection between my passion for music and my self-proclaimed role as an unofficial Evernote ambassador.

Thanks a ton David for taking the time to share your experience.

You can reach David on Twitter @MacPhailPerc.

Until the next time, happy evernoting!


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