@Pinterest or @Evernote? Two different needs

@Pinterest or @Evernote? Two different needs


Often people compare Pinterest and Evernote when I think they actually answer different needs.


Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking tool. So it’s going to be great to collect visual info from the Internet and share it with other people. When I am on Pinterest it’s like I am browsing   a never ending magazine of glossy pictures on theme I am interested in, if I see one which interests me I like and/or repin it. If I am surfing the Internet and I see a cool picture of a guitar I might pin it to one of my board to share have it in this visual bookmarking tool which is Pinterest.

The power of Pinterest is that I get to see what other people put in boards with themes I like.

Evernote is your personal memory in the cloud. All the pieces of information you need in your every day life, personnal or professionnal can be put in Evernote for later reference, processing or modification. You are not going to put pics of your business cards or of all your receipts on Pinterest!

If you only manipulate visual material such as pictures and photos which you share with other then Pinterest is THE tool for you.

If you want to not only manipulate visual material but also text, personnal notes, web clipped articles, sounds, files, then Evernote is THE tool for you.

A good tweet from @mikomercer to summarize: I use #Evernote for projects I want to keep private & #Pinterest as an inspiration board

Until the next time, happy evernoting!



  1. I actually never heard of this comparison until Springpad updated and have fused the two products together. You must just be on different sites than I xD o.0 But keep up the good work!

    • Kate,
      Thanks for your comment.

      I started a series of blogcast episode on comparing Evernote with other tools.

      Already did Dropbox and Pinterest, I might very well to Springpad in the future. 🙂


      • My pleasure. Also If you need someone to interview about it, I’d be willing to. I used SP before I initially switched to EN, and now I’ve switched back to stay(to keep my at my most productive with tasks and notes, not just notes)

        -KaLe Blossom

  2. And then there was clipboard.com… 😉

  3. You didn’t mention that you can in fact import all of your boards from Pinterest to your Evernote account. I just did an rss export feed from (http://pinterest.com/meinterests/ ) to my Evernote account, and I now have everything under Evernote when I want to go shopping ( or so I can make notes – or re-create a project that maybe I found on Pinterest).

    • Excellent tip!! Thanks for sharing.

      I guess you have to do it once in a while to sync your Pinterest account to Evernote, right?


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