Sync problem on the mobile app

Sync problem on the mobile app


It happens VERY rarely that I have sync problem on my iPhone,.

Here is a list of the things I check or do when it happens:

  • Check the Internet connection of your device
  • Check Evernote status blog and the Twitter account @evernotestatus
  • Check the activity log in the Settings
  • If there is an offending note shown in the log, copy/paste the content in a new one and delete the bad note and don’t forget to empty the trash
  • You can also force quit the app on iOS and relaunch it (you should not lose any data even if it is not yet synced)
  • Contact the official support, they are pretty fast (you can’t even do it via chat if you’re Premium)

Until the next time, happy evernoting!



  1. I had this time on the iPad. I was not able to find the offending note(s) in the log (which is closer to a debug log than a true standard error one) .. and to uninstall/reinstall/resync the whole bunch

    • Thanks for the feedback Philippe.

      Never had to uninstall/reinstall thing but it’s good to know it’s an option even if you have to resync everything after.

      True, the log is not really readable as it’s more a debug log as you say than an error log.

      Still, part of it gave me enough info in the past to solve my issue.


  2. I had an issue last week, the iPhone app continued to crash prior to finishing the sync. I reported to tech issues and it was handled promptly. Fantastic company to work with!!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience.

      What was the solution to fix the issue in your instance?



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