Create a note from a tweet using @myen

Create a note from a tweet using @myen


It is possible to create a note from Twitter


  1. You first need to link your Twitter account: follow @myen
  2. You will receive a DM from @myen,
  3. Click on the link in the DM and log on to your Evernote account (if not already), you are done!
Description in a 5 tweets in the @myen time line:

You can check the link in the Evernote web interface in Settings, then Twitter option

Method to create a note via @myen:

  1. add @myen to any tweet or DM and a note with the text of the tweet will be created in your Evernote account
  2. there is no step 2 🙂

Pros: very fast

Cons: everybody who reads your tweets knows you are creating a note with it. Not such a big problem but it’s better to know it. Personnally I mail a tweet when I want to keep it (see episode #005 about the mail gateway to Evernote).



Until the next time, happy evernoting,



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