How to job hunt with @Evernote


Here is how I used Evernote when I am actively job hunting:

  • I have a tag called Job which I use on all the notes related to my search for a new position
  • When I do a search on a specific company I web clip the relevant pages and tag it with Job and or the name of the company if I have many notes on the company.
  • I log on a note all the activities with an entry per day: phone called done, e-mail received and sent, etc.
  • I also web clip the job postings I find interesting. Then I can use a link to those notes in my log to easily find them.
  • After each interview I record an audio clip straight into the iPhone Evernote app of my impressions.
  • All my up to date resumes are in Evernote. Very easy to mail it to someone right from my phone if needed. Same for my letters to go with the resume.
  • Picture of all the business cards from the people I met with a note about the meeting with this person. OCR takes care of the rest.
Until the next time happy evernoting !


  1. Sounds like you have quite the setup! 🙂 I will definitely be incorporating these tips! I actually only have had one tag in EN before, starred items, which are things that I normally need to access quickly when I’m out and about, such as a list of companies that test on animals, lists of animal ingredients(vegan), Memos for my car’s MPG and maintenance, and the novel I’m writing which I add to daily.

    It sounds so lovely and obvious to have important stuff tagged separately like that under Job! 😀

    • Grace,

      Thanks for your comment. Seems to me you already have many uses for Evernote.

      Glad you liked the tips in this episode.

      If you ever feel like sharing your experience with Evernote, please mail me an mp3 file.


  2. EN comes in very handy when working with searches and apps on CraigsList. The reason being is a job posting on CL may not be there long, this is a good way to document the posting and keep it on file. I use Web Clipper and set it for the notebook specific for the job search.



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