Hamid Zaidi, @Touchanote interview

Hamid Zaidi, @Touchanote interview


I am very happy to present you with the first interview on the show with Hamid Zaidi, founder of Touchanote (@touchanote on Twitter) who presented his product at the Evernote Trunk Conference back in august during the Developper Conference which he won!

Touchanote proposes a very clever use of the Near Field Communication combined with Evernote. Here is a demo:

Here is a video interview of Hamid done during the conference:

Here is the video of Hamid presenting Touchanote at the ETC:

Here is the full video of ALL the finalists presentations:

Page with all the links to the Evernote Trunk Conference: http://www.evernote.com/about/etc/

Until the next time happy evernoting!



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