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There are many ways that I know to input data in Evernote:

  1. through the apps (desktop, mobile or web)
  2. by web clipping from a browser
  3. by mail
  4. from Twitter
  5. from outside apps such as a news reader, a scanner app or a Twitter client

On this episode we are going to focus on how to send by mail any content to your Evernote account. To do so you just need to know your secret Evernote mail address.

Where to find it:

  • Windows: Select Account Info from the Tools menu; your email address will appear below “Email notes to”.
  • Mac: Select Preferences from the Evernote application menu and browse to the Account Info tab.
  • iPhone: Tap All Notes the Settings at the top left; scroll down and tap Evernote email address under Settings.
  • iPad: Tap the Settings gear button at the bottom right; scroll down and tap Evernote email address under Settings.
  • Android: Tap the Evernote menu, select Settings and scroll down until you see Evernote email address.

Don’t share it unless you want people to send material in your account. You might want to do this though. Example: my wife knows my secret address and can send documents to my account.

In case you need to change this secret address you can change it.

How the note is created:

  • write a mail, the subject of your mail is the title of your note, by default it is added to your default notebook. The body of your mail is the note.
  • optionnally, add in the subject @notebookname #tag

Note: the notebook or tag has to exist already beforehand.


  • forward from your mail anything, attachment are also processed
  • forward from a news reader offline. Example: Reeder
  • mail from work or anywhere else

Reference link:


Until the next time, happy evernoting!


@IFTTT and @Evernote: a powerful combo

@IFTTT and @Evernote: a powerful combo


How to use IFTTT (If This Then That) to create note automatically for you in Evernote.

www.ifttt.com – Put the internet to work for you

Very elegant way to automatically add content to your Evernote notebooks.


  1. choose the channel for trigger
  2. choose the channel for action

Example: a tweet from you will trigger the creation of a note in one of your Evernote notebook


  • From Google Reader: to keep in your Evernote notebook a copy of the article you read in your news feeds.
  • From Twitter: for your tweets and your pics.
  • From Instagram: for all the great shots you do with this addictive iPhone app.

Recipe to archive to Evernote all the pic you tweet: http://ifttt.com/recipes/1430

Until the next time, happy evernoting!


Update 02/10/12

Because Twitter decided to change the way its API was accessed, some IFTTT recipes will not work anymore after September 27th 2012.

You still have a solution to archive your tweets to Evernote using RSS.

See the article: Twitter broke IFTTT, do you still want to archive your tweets to Evernote ?

Getting Things Done (GTD) in Evernote with Only One Notebook


A fellow evernoter friend of mine sent me this very interesting blog post from www.40tech.com describing a GTD implementation using one Evernote notebook.

Getting Things Done (GTD) in Evernote with Only One Notebook

I like the way the author puts everything in Evernote while keeping it very organised. I am a big fan of GTD and we will talk about it in upcoming episodes.

Until then take a look at this article and let me know what you think.

Happy evernoting,


How to organize your notes in @evernote


There are many strategies possible to organize your information with Evernote :

  • Put everything in one notebook and just use the search option
  • Create as many notebooks as you need to separate themes (ex: Work, Personnal, etc.)
  • Tag you notes
  • Any combination of the above!

Personnally I have been using Evernote since 2008 and it is only this year that I created several notebooks to organize my notes so you can adapt your organization as you move along.

At the moment I have 15 notebooks, around 100 tags and more than 4k notes.

My choice is to have separate notebooks for wide categories. So I have one notebook for work, one for each podcast I produce, one for running, one for what I gather from the Internet, etc… I know some people create a notebook called Read Later to store all the web clips or documents they want to read when they have time.

Regarding tags, you need to find the right balance. You will see very quickly what are the tags you use all the time and the ones you don’t use. Some people don’t use tag AT ALL and it’s a perfectly functionnal way of using Evernote because the search engine is pretty powerful anyway.

One advice: experiment and find what is the organization strategy which is the best at the moment and review it once in a while maybe to add a notebook or clean-up the tags.

Until then, happy evernoting !