Welcome to The Elephant Channel!


Welcome to this blogcast, I will blog and podcast about Evernote and all subjects related to this great products I have been using since March 2008.

I already have plenty of ideas of themes to be discussed here but if you have some specific matter you want me to cover or a you want to share an experience, please drop me a line at TheElephantChannel@gmail.com, tweet me @ElephantChannel or comment on the page facebook.com/ElephantChannel.



  1. Congrats buddy

    You’re involved in such an interesting and ambicious project.

    Be sure of my attention and support 😉

    Best wishes

    Alain aka Palmipode

    • Thanks Alain and congratulations on being the first to comment here! 🙂


      • Benji you are confusing citnsmuracces in one point in time, with ideology. You're plain wrong. Jefferson as I recall started America's involvement abroad in the very same place we are bombing today

  2. Lovely.

    I wish you the best for this brand new project. I’ll follow this one as I keep following the PCC.

    About this, I remember you spoke about the use of Toodledo/Evernote in a PCC episode let’s say 2 or 3 months ago.

    The way I understood it, you use Toodledo as a daily checklist but you also use evernote on a daily basis to store information.

    If you ever feel this could be helpful to your audience, this interaction between Toodledo and Evernote is something I’d love to see covered in more details in this new blogcast.

    Again, all the best,

    Grégory le belge.

    • Grégory,
      Thanks for the wishes.
      I take note of your suggestion. It is true that the WAY you use Evernote in conjunction with others tools can be as important as HOW you use Evernote by itself.


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